The choice of meat
The first phase of processing is the choice of meat. The disciplinary for the production of Lardo di Colonnata PGI requires that the pigs from which the lard is obtained are strictly of Italian origin and come from controlled farms. The lard is obtained from the fatty part of the pig's back, up to the buttocks and laterally up to the pancetta. The thickness must be at least 3 centimeters. The scrupulous choice of quality meats and the right consistency are the secret to obtain a soft and pleasant product for the palate that can best express all its organoleptic populations.

Processing and salting
With the meat selected, the first treatment must be carried out within 72 hours of slaughter. The adipose layer, cleaned of sugnose parts, is carefully massaged with natural coarse salt. The basin where the lard will be stored for seasoning is first rubbed with fresh garlic, after which the lard is placed in compact layers, eliminating as much as possible the air, alternating them with the salt mixed with the beat of aromatic herbs. The composition of the aromas is regulated by the disciplinary in the choice of the variety of the same, but the balancing of the quantities is left to the experience and the taste of the single producer that brings with it the secrets of the family tradition.

Aging in a marble bowl
Once the marble bowl is filled, the lard is left to rest for at least 6 months. The marble from the marble basin of the "canaloni" of Colonnata with which the basins are made, has a very fine grain and is particularly suitable to allow the fat to mature in the best conditions. The salt in contact with the meat exudes the moisture of the same producing a natural salamora in which the lard remains completely immersed. The chopped spices release their aroma which penetrates the meat, flavoring it and perfuming it. The result is a product with a fine and tasty taste that adapts both to being consumed as a normal sliced ​​meat and for the preparation of special dishes.

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